Thursday, December 3, 2009


ohmygod, he gave in and called me. I really didnt want to give in, because it means that this is probably going to happen again. But I gave in, surprise surprise. If anybody actually reads this, they must think how stupid me and Jim are- I can't even keep up sometimes.

So he called and apologised and said that he does want to talk to me, etc. I told him i'm sick of this happening, but we'll see what happens. He is leaving to Melbourne today and I wasn't going to see him until after he got back, which made me sad. He asked me to come round yesterday to hang out, and it was so nice.

I hate it sometimes how good I feel around i'll just have to see how things turn out while he is gone.

God I miss him already- how pathetic.

On other news, I'm going to an arabian themed party tonight- woooooooooo !

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